08 May 2008

Update 41+1; 7 p.m.

My midwife graciously came by my house today to torture me help me along in the labor process. The good news is that I am now 4 1/2 cm!

I have had breaks from contractions off and on throughout the day and used those breaks to get some sleep. Now that it is evening, things are picking up again and the contractions are much sharper than they were earlier. This might be my last pregnancy update, but then again, I might just repeat last night and "see" you all in the morning, still pregnant.


  1. I am voting for tonight! In my thoughts and prayers this evening. If you need a little laugh to take your mind off of the process, you can visit my blog (http://baneggana.blogspot.com/)...not nearly as cool and complete as yours...but it's a start. Thanks for the updates.

  2. If you had the baby tomorrow, our babies will be exactly 3 months apart.

    I had that thought earlier today. Wouldn't that be sweet?

  3. Megan~
    Thinking of you and praying for you!