07 May 2008

Update: 41+0

It's is official. This is the longest I have ever been pregnant. Maybe I need this experience, as a midwife, in order to empathize with future clients. Great Check. Got it. Can we move on now?

On a positive note, I have been having a few contractions this morning that feel more like "it" than anything else I have felt yet these past few weeks. They are few and far between but a hopeful sign nonetheless.

Here's hoping that I am writhing and moaning in pain soon so that I can meet this stubborn little baby sometime before I go stark, raving mad.


  1. Yay for irritable contractions! I hope it is soon... for your sake...and maybe a little for everyone else's. :p I really lost the bet on this one.

  2. You have my total sympathies, Megan!!! You know how mine go!!:P
    We pray it is soon for you. Maybe it will be fast since this one is being so stubborn?? Here's hoping!!