14 May 2008

The Promised Acknowledgement plus a little extra

Surprisingly enough, only one person placed a guess for May 9th! Perry, our friend over at Just Another Day in Cubeville, guessed 5/9/08 at 11:46 pm. Thank the Lord I didn't have to wait another 9 hours to meet our little guy.

I am almost tempted to break my own rule against sparkly, noisy animations and insert some confetti or applause. Almost, but not quite. Perry, you will have to settle for congratulations!


Nolan is doing well. We had a rough couple of days earlier in the week as breastfeeding wasn't going very smoothly. Thankfully, the problem was fairly easily corrected and we are back on track. He is a mellow baby right up to the moment he feels those pesky hunger pains and then it's apparent that his lung development is more than adequate.

He is fairly well on his way to being spoiled by his siblings. His parents would give it a try if we ever got to hold him.

We are leaving town tomorrow for a 4 day weekend Wedding Festival in Sunriver. My brother, Kam, is the groom and 5 of our kiddos are in the wedding. I can't wait to see Gavin in a tux! We promised to get some "James Bond" type photos in order to reconcile him to the idea of escorting a young lady down the aisle. (He knows all about girls, having 4 sisters, and isn't enamored with the fairer sex at all. Of course, he is only 12. There's still plenty of time for that...)

The girls, as Flowers Ladies, will be fine but my dear readers should expect a good story out of Mason's performance as ring bearer. The big kids have been coaching him, but I have a hard time imagining a smooth performance when it is showtime.

Traveling prayers would be appreciated. This will be our first outing as a family of nine. NINE. 9. Hmmmm, it doesn't matter how I type it, nine is still a crazy big number. This will take some getting used to.

Stories when we return!


  1. Congrats to the Kam! Traveling mercies and prayers for cooperative toddlers this week for the Vowell family. :)
    I am glad things are smoothing out for you and Nolan. He is so cute! I miss the newborn stage already. I feel like seven is a lot when traveling. I can only imagine what two more is like...packing, dressing, getting ready, ect...plus post- partum one week with newborn. Do you hide your cape in the closet?!? Super Mom! You are truly an inspiration! Love ya!

  2. So glad you posted an update! I have been afraid to all and check on you, for fear you'd be sleeping/napping/feeing, etc. lol.

    But do tell us how YOU are feeling, okay?

    Family of nine, 9. Eh, you'll get used to it. I mean, ahem, think of family of FIFTEEN, 15! Yikes! I'm really glad we don't all travel anywhere in the same car together anymore. Even with a 15 passenger van, that is a bit too snug with 4 carseats and several adult, male children! LOL!

    Have a great trip. Try to stay relaxed. Let everyone wait on you! You are the queen right now!

    Can't wait to see pictures.....


    p.s. I do think I should get runner up points for Nolan being born on my birthday..... =)

  3. Woo-Hoo!

    Okay, so I'm no prognosticator...here's the secret to my guess:

    I was born on the 9th (February 1969) at 11:45pm.

    Gracie, our Daugther, was born on the 9th as well (July, 2007) at 11:47pm.

    So, I just split the difference.

    Can't wait to meet another Vowell!


  4. Glad nursing is going well now, can't wait to see more pics (hint, hint).
    Have a blessed wedding weekend...but do rest.
    Congrats to Kam and his new bride!