30 November 2007

Dream Time

I don't plan to analyze this dream, it would probably put me in therapy for years. . .

The dream began in a nicely appointed waiting area. Several groups were standing around chatting quietly. Looking up I saw the extended family from my mom's side was all present- aunts, uncles, parents, cousins, siblings plus my own family.

"Of course, I thought. Today's the day for our annual holiday brunch cruise."

A woman dressed in slack with a smart looking twin set accented by a lovely string of pearls was walking briskly about with her clipboard. She was clearly the event planner. Evidently the family had signed up for an unusual brunch cruise on our nearby Willamette River.

We were all dressed nicely for the occasion and there was an air of excitement as the event planner asked us to form groups of 6 to 8 so that seating could take place efficiently when it was time to board the, uh, vessels.

Boarding time finally arrived just as the kids were ready to eat the waiting room furniture. We lined up in our groups and filed to the boarding area. Each group was carefully situated at their table. By carefully situated, I mean, in chairs ON TOP OF THE TABLE. The tables were the vessels for our river cruise. As each table was boarded and launched, the next group moved into place.

Finally, our entire family group had boarded. It takes time with many people! Before the cruise was released to float downriver, the planner gave some final instructions. As she was speaking, I took in the scenery and realized that the river was brown and, um, chunky.

As my dreaming brain tried to make sense of this, I tuned in for the concluding part of the planner's speech, "Please don't let your children dip their hands in the river. The bacteria count is particularly high on Fridays."

Yes, folks. That is correct. The bacteria count. My family had signed up for a brunch cruise on a sewage filled river.

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  1. Hello, Megan!!
    This dream needs no analyzing....you're taking a cruise on the WILAMMETE RIVER...with all of the rain, I am sure the sewage "spillover" is beyond belief, as usual...dream solved....:D