06 March 2007


Update1: Mason will be receiving his little blue card in the mail sometime soon, and he may be eligible for a passport after all. Here's hoping.

Update2: We are leaving for 14 days in Kauai on Thursday! My house is one large staging area, with suitcases and laundry everywhere. I am washing, folding and packing the necessary items straight into the suitcases.

I have listsmania. There are lists for packing. Lists for chores yet to be accomplished. To do lists broken down by days; lists of food to take and food we'll purchase there. Red list, blue list, one list, two lists. Which brings me to another important list- the list of books to read to Mason en route. I have been telling everyone, "If we can just get there, we'll be fine." Traveling with a one year old for 5 hours in a plane makes me a bit nervous, so say a prayer for traveling mercies Thursday morning.

"See" you in a couple of weeks.



  1. Woo hoo! Have a marvelous time!

    I'll trade your 5 hours in a plane for 14 hours in the car. We're doing that at the end of the month. **sigh**


  2. Okay, let's trade!

    I am not so much worried about the 5 hours as the on a plane...with strangers...who might have to listen to my toddler screaming, "Stuck. Stuck. Let me go, NOW!" for 5 hours.

    If I could drive to Hawaii, I would.

    Are you guys going down to Gleanings?


  3. Yes, we are going to Gleanings the 25th - 31st. Then going south from there to the LA area to visit my sister and her family for a day and half (too short, but it's all we can do) and then drive back up to Sacramento spend $400 for a hotel rooms for all of us (ugh) and then go the rest of the way home the next day. It's 18 hours from my sisters to home and that was way more than David wanted to do in one day. It's about 8 hours from my sisters to Sac. so we won't have to leave before dawn (yeah) and then in Sac. we get a free breakfast and then will head out with "only" a 10 hour trip home. Course, that is the PLAN, who knows what will really happen! LOL! We haven't seen my sisters family in almost 3 years (and two additional babies since then for her and one for me!). It will be hard to only be there half day Sat.,all day Sunday ( with trying to go to church with them) and then leave Monday morning. But, it is better than nothing. My husband is being pretty sweet to indulge me in this. Driving farther south isn't his idea of a good plan, when it puts us even further from home. Not to mention the money for the hotel. **gulp** Yes, he is a prince among men!

    I totally understand the airplane thing. Have lots of experience in that myself. We flew on an 11 hour flight to England to visit my parents when Chris was 3 months old. It was a PACKED flight! We were the two closest seats to the window, but the isle seat had an older man in it. Lets just say Chris cried most of the flight. I wasn't nursing him by then and just getting warm water for a bottle was near impossible. Talk about stressed out parents! LOL! I have other plane stories, few are good stories. lol!

    Have a great time! Praying it will be a calm flight. Can you give him something to make him sleepy? LOL!