15 February 2007

Baby Wearing

I love to wear my babies, enjoying both the closeness and convenience. Sometimes you just need to hold that wee one but you also just need to be able to cook dinner or fold laundry, you know? When Sadie and Mason were infants, I used slings to keep them close, but as they have grown the slings are just too hard on my back. It is one thing to have 10 - 15 pounds suspended from one shoulder but 25 - 35 pounds is just too much. (Ask my chiropractor.)

Since we are leaving for Kauai soon, I have been searching for a baby carrier that will work with both toddlers and my fragile back. Enter the Ergo Baby Carrier. Yes, Above Rubies readers, all those glowing reviews are true. I found an Ergo on craigslist and arranged a time to try it on- complete with toddler. I knew as soon as I finished adjusting baby boy that this would work. I felt no pain whatsoever and very little stress to my back and shoulders.

When I arrived home, I put him back into the carrier to walk around the house. He prefers the front carry position so he can give me frequent nose kisses. The kids watched the instructional DVD with me and were soon begging for a chance to wear the babies, too. So, I adjusted the carrier down to fit Gavin and he walked around the house for a good 30 minutes with Mason on his back. Mason needed a diaper-change, so we snugged Sadie into the pack, and he walked around for another 15 minutes or so with his 3 yo sister on his back. Sirena and Madelyn were just as anxious as Gav to try out this baby-wearing contraption, so we adjusted the carrier to an even smaller size and let Sirena wear Mason for a time while I prepped dinner. Makes a mama's heart proud to see her older children wearing the younger ones. Both children, wearer and wearee, were delighted with the arrangement. I found it amazing that my 52 lb 8 yo could carry my 35 lb 3 yo without difficulty.

I have now had the chance to make the bed wearing my 35 lb toddler and I stick to the wonderfulness of this carrier. I won't say that it was as easy as making the bed without the toddler riding piggy back, but definitely doable. Sadie is harder on the ole back, so I will leave wearing her for Bry or the older kids. It isn't really a problem if she sits perfectly still, but she likes to lean off to one side or the other which makes for inequal weight distribution.

Bryan liked it so much that he asked me to buy a second one (also off craigslist) so that we'll have one for each baby during our trip. I am already sighing with relief at the thought of having both babies safely in carriers while we collect our luggage and carry-ons and children and in-laws. Much better than the "have you seen the toddler?" routine.


  1. That sounds great! I'd like to see a photo of that carrier in action. Maybe next blog entry?
    I use the MobyWrap. Found that online. Just a long, stretchy piece of fabric and you can wear them on front, back or side. But I don't wear Baby a large amount of time. When he's tired, we take a walk etc. I find the Mobywrap is very gentle on my back also. I never could do those Snugglie front packs. Hurt my back!
    Hope you are allover the yuckies now. We are making our way through them. Dad stayed home from work two days now.

  2. I'll try to find the camera and post a photo soon.

    We took the carriers to the Gavin's Cub Scout Blue and Gold Dinner last night and they were a complete success. Bryan and I both participated in the games while wearing toddlers on our backs. It was marvelous to play as a family without worrying about losing anyone. I will also add that Sadie and Mason were laughing along with us and had a marvelous time.

  3. I love the "have you seen the toddler?" routine. Especially in international airports with the guards that give you that scowl that says "if your child crosses this yellow line into the secure zone I will break their nose with the butt of my automatic rifle."