26 January 2007

Unintentional Substitutions

I pride myself on being a good cook. And we all know that pride comes before a fall.

Twice, not once - T W I C E in the past 2 weeks I have added an absurd ingredient to our dinner. The first mishap occurred on a typically harried evening when I was rushing to get dinner on the table. After tasting the taco meat, I decided that it needed just a bit more chili powder, grabbed a large container of darkish red powder and shook a liberal amount into the skillet. Immediately, the aroma confused me. I stirred and pondered, pondered and stirred. Ah! It needs cumin, too. Added a dash of cumin but it just didn't smell right. Bryan came to investigate the odd smell. "Are we having breakfast for dinner?" No. "What's that smell?" And then it hit me: cinnamon. I had added cinnamon to the taco meat. There was absolutely nothing I could do to fix it but neither could I really afford to toss the food in the trash. We don't eat meat all that often anymore and this was a real treat. My family gracefully accepted the meal and Bryan went so far as to ask that I make the same addition sometime in future. "It tastes kind of Moroccan!"

Take two- last night was another crazy, "I have meat but what do I do with it" night. Aha! Hamburger gravy over baked potatoes with a large side salad. Perfect. I browned the hamburger with garlic and onions. Once I had added the flour, I reached into the frig to grab a milk-substitute. We most often use rice milk or almond milk, but I will use whatever is handy. I noticed that there was a little bit of non-dairy creamer left. I haven't been using much since I am trying to eat more healthful fare. "Oooh, that will make the gravy nice and creamy," I thought as I dumped it in. There wasn't enough so I reached into the frig again, this time for the almond milk. While I was searching, the aroma from the gravy reached me and started me down that same "something is not quite right" path. Being the second time in as many weeks, it didn't take long to discover that it was hazelnut creamer. Hazelnut doesn't complement garlicky, hamburger gravy.

I turned in my housewife card and went to the bedroom to eat my dinner. If mommy can't cope she needs a timeout. I most definitely needed a time out.

Here's hoping life slows down enough that I can prepare tasty meals without mishap!

(This post was taken out of mothballs for "Get Real Tuesday" at the Well Fed Homestead!  Click on over here to read other stories from REAL kitchens!)


  1. You are actually getting meals made, you are my idol!

    In case you are wondering, I had to use Kyle's account to leave a comment.

  2. Glad to be someone's idol.

    Now that I think about it, I have certainly heard "Kyle Anthony," usually spoken in tones of reproach.

    I am just a bit wary of letting people comment anonymously.


  3. Meg,
    Sorry for your mishaps, but it does make good reading! LOL!

    Does Mason exist yet, by the way?


  4. Those recipes sound very interesting and unique. You've just made new discoveries,that's all. Yes, I can see where that would have been discouraging, but they were edible. Unlike some of the messes Anne of Green Gables made. And it seems to me I read that even though that is a fiction book many of the incidents were taken from the author's life! And I agree with Dana, Hey you made dinner! Very good.
    Love, Melanie

  5. Meg! You sound a lot like me! When I've had enough for the day I need a few minutes by myself!! lol! =)
    I love that you are working so hard to make healthy meals and changes for your family! You are amazing!!! (I hope you hear that often, because really-you are!)
    I have added the wrong spices before too...I guess it doesn't help when I reuse spice bottles and put in different ingredients! =) Our oldest almost added a ton of Clove as the bottle said Rosemary...that would have been an interesting meal! =)
    Thanks for sharing your kitchen flop! =) We can't wait to see you again at The Well Fed Homestead!
    Blessings on your day!!!

  6. ps...I love that you are a midwife!!! I've had 5 all natural out of hospital births with a midwife! LOVE midwives!!! =)