11 July 2006

Mara, the photographer

For several years Mara has been our family photographer. When I was the one in charge of this task, I shot one or two rolls of film per year and then let the film languish in hidden stashes around the house. Digital photography improved the situation somewhat, but you only have pictures if you remember to take pictures. Enter Mara, the artiste. She began by taking pictures of our pets, her siblings, the yard, the neighborhood and the world.

Here are a few samples.

A frog in our daylilies.

A rose in our backyard.

Madelyn posing in "dress up clothes".

Sirena, our tomboy, being a lady.


  1. Lovely Pictures Mara...You have captured everything so artistically well.
    I read your camping post too Meg, I bet it was weird only having the two little bugs. I went to the store for an hour and 1/2 yesterday with just the baby...different. :)

  2. Love the new look to your blog, Meg!

    Great pics, Mara!

    Glad to hear your chicks all got home safe and sound!

    When are we going to sew?


  3. Thanks. Playing with templates is great fun!

    I just dashed off an email re: sewing.